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Part of the original Atchafalaya Swamp Basin, Lake Fausse Pointe State Park has as much nature as you can handle. Just want a taste? Relax in one of our screened–in porch cabins overlooking the water. An adventurer? Spend time on the wild side. Try our bike/hike-in or canoe-in tent sites. Hike the trails through cypress swampland and forest while viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. Lake Fausse Point State Park has something for everyone!

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  1. Mikesanf says:

    I had a great day at LFPSP! I made you this weeks feature in the outdoor activates blog that I write. Check it out:

  2. Just saw the first Swallow-tailed Kite of the season. A little early but unmistakable with their long forked tail and black edged wings gliding over Pavilion 1 and heading into the Cardinal Run area. Just beautiful! Most of the trees are starting to leaf out with this warm spell we are having. The blackberry/dewberry plants are in full bloom. It is nice to realize that most of our cold weather is over and the Hummingbirds will soon be here. For the past several years, the Hummers have arrived at LFPSP close to March 18. So come on out with your binoculars, bird book and a picnic, and celebrate St. Patrick’s day by hiking on our trails in the green forest searching for birds. Please support your State Parks where ever you are. Remember the Spring Equinox begins on March 20th. On that day, we should have about 12 hrs of day light! Happy Spring Everyone!

  3. Today was a nice day – cloudy, breezy and warm with light sprinkles around mid-day and a few showers this evening. I am sitting here waiting for the rains to start; then possibly the Armadillos will be out and about, looking for earthworms as they exit their wet homes. Here we are in the middle of January and the high today was 73 degrees! Some of the smaller alligators were out trying to soak up some of the warmth. Just love South Louisiana!

    The New Year started out with the Park full of people who were cooking gumbo and really enjoying the flora and fauna of the Park. The air was full of wonderful smells. Visitors went on Nature Hayrides with the Interpretive Ranger on New Year’s Eve and the First Day Hike on New Year’s Day. If you have not heard of the First Day Hikes check out the America State Parks’ website: http://www.americasstateparks.org/ . This year is the first time that all 50 states had some of their State Parks participating in a hike on the first day of the New Year! It is estimated that over 14,000 people participated in this year’s First Day Hike! So plan ahead for next year and stay in or find a State Park near you and participate. Make some history – wouldn’t that be something if every State Park in the US was filled with visitors hiking for a single purpose!

    Have you ever been out to Lake Fausse Pointe SP? If you haven’t, I hope you get a chance one day. Our Park is so full of nature you just never know what you will witness. Like last week for example, we were out in the boat checking on the canoe trails and the canoe campsites. Along the way, we saw a couple of Anhingas, Blue Herons, Great Egrets and an Osprey in the trees lining the canal-bayou. The day was gorgeous. We watched one Anhinga displace another Anhinga high in a Cypress tree. Out of nowhere, just as the displacer Anhinga was landing, a very large unidentified dark bird, flew in fast grabbing the landing Anhinga. Almost immediately, the Anhinga latched on to the much larger bird and the two entwined birds, with wings held somewhat open, plummeted through the tree branches to the ground. The entire event lasted just a few of seconds, no chance to even pick up the camera! We tried to get into the area of where they fell, but were barred by the wax myrtle bushes and poison ivy vines. It was so quite afterwards, not even leaf litter noise. I think the unidentified bird was an immature Eagle because the bird was so large and because immatures do not have the mature white feathers of the head and tail! Go to the Camping: Primitive Canoe Sites page on this website to see some pictures from that day – Twin Ponds and Pack or Paddle. I’m not promising that when you visit you will see such drama but I am sure you will enjoy our untamed park

    Well, the rain has started as promised and the Armadillos are out searching for food. They are so interesting in their hunt. I hope ya’ll are having a great New Year and don’t forget to visit us or another State Park this year!

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